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My name is Nick. I’m from Brooklyn N.Y. I met a beautiful lady by the name of Sheila in the early to mid 90’s at my place of employment. She was a customer. We really liked each other and couldn’t control the attraction. Soon After a night together her cousin informs me that she was pregnant and was afraid to tell because of her boyfriend at the time. I called her constantly but got no reply. When I seen her she didn’t deny it but said other things. She never answered anymore of my calls or ever came back to the store. The child should now be in their late teens maybe 20. Sheila lived in Bushwick at that time. That’s all I knew. If anyone has any information or suggestions please help. It’s been a long hard search.


  1. Emily Kalscheuer

    Hello Nick,

    I apologize for contacting you out of the blue, my name is Emily Kalscheuer and I am writing to you from Shed Media US, a television production company based in Los Angeles. We produce the genealogy series “Who Do You Think You Are”.

    We are researching for a cable network television series about people looking for family members. We are interested to talk to anyone who has experienced long term separation from family members and is seeking to be reunited. Our series, LONG LOST FAMILY, is an award-winning series in the UK, and now in production for a US series.

    We understand that this is a very emotional quest and we will always be very sensitive to seekers who respond to us. If you are interested in learning more about the program, I would love to speak with you. Any investigations that we are able to take on, would be at no cost to you.

    It would be great if you could respond to this email – contact information below. Getting in touch does not obligate you to take part in the series in any way – but if you’d like to find out more and how to apply, then I would be delighted talk to you. If you are contacting us through email, please provide a phone number and a brief summary about your story.

    If you do not wish to follow up in any way, we wish you all the very best with your search.

    Kind wishes,
    Emily Kalscheuer
    Casting Department, Shed Media US
    3800 Barham Blvd, suite 410
    Los Angeles CA 90068

    Tel. 323.904.4680
    Email: ekalscheuer@gmail.com

    • Dedra Southard/Silcox

      I have just sent a email. I hope to hear back.

  2. erika

    may be able to help…i am a casting director working on a show reuniting fathers with their daughters….if you are interested please email me at edobrin@asylument.com with a recent pic and a little bit about you.


    • Joe Verola


      This is joe from nonethatiknow.com read your post. please call me at 727-4572329

      joe v


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