Missing Dad


My name is JaCoby LaSha Blass I’m 29 born November 12,1984. My mother is Virginia Deloris Mathis (maiden name) I believe from research she was a Blass that’s why my last name is Blass. She was born October 15,1955 I believe she is around sixty years old I know she was living in decator ms, newton ms, meridian ms,and possibly mobile Alabama when I was conceived I have no knowledge of my farther name nothing she refuses still after 29 years to give me any information what so ever other than he knew she was pregnant rumor of her calling telling him I was born and he never showed I really want and need to find my farther not knowing him is like not knowing who I am I am nothing like my blood family on my mothers side other than a few features. I have begged for him my whole life and all I got is pieces of rumors I truly don’t want to cause him nor his family any problems just knowing his name would mean so much don’t know where to even look for u dad but I been looking for u since I was eight years old I still haven’t gave up I pray u or someone will read this an ((d contact me I pray its soon! Contact jacobyblass@yahoo.com with any and all information my mother was married to Ronnie Blass (lives in newton ms) and I do have an older brother who passed his name is William Casey welford he was a Blass at one time as well and he went by Case he would have been ten years old or close to it he was born in 74 and I was born in 84 I looking for u just hope u see this and been looking for me to I feel lost beside my self and alone not knowing who and where u are thanks to all information if any

Missing my daddy
JaCoby L Blass


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