Cesar Perez looking for daughter


I had an affair with a married woman and this resulted in a child almost 25 years ago. I was unable to maintain contact with her due to the circumstances. One afternoon In the summer of 1989 near 174th street and Saint Nicholas avenue in manhattan New York. I meet a girl wich I can’t
recall her name,” I think her name was Lisbeth. She was walking with an ecuatorian friend of mine name George, he introduced her to me, we went out a couple of time I took her to an apartment that I used have in the Bronx. She told me that she live around 149 street and Broadway in Manhattan. I recall that I took her once to her sister house in The Bronx right by Casterhill av. That was back in the summer of 1989, after that I didn’t see her until the summer of 1996, In the summer of 1996 I was standing in front of my store La Movida Record Shop at 190th street New York ny 10040. She was driving by and recognize me, I went in to the store she followed me in to the store and asked me if Cesar was my name I did answer yes that was my name,” she told come out side so, you can meet your daughter. I went out side the store and the littler girl was sleeping in side the car,”I took her to my family in New Jersey every one was happy to see her,”the next day she took her to Rochester NY. She gave me all her info I got in touch with her a couple of time all of sudden desapiar and she change her number and I lost contact with her,”up to this date I have been looking for her every where and so far no luck,” I hope you can her me find her as soon as you can they maybe leving in the Rochester area or in the Bronx or in Manhattan. Right now I am residing in the Dominican Republic my cell# 829)970-6812 you can call me at anytime. Thank you any information regarding this matter will be highly appreciate.


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