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My name is Clarence Tate. I had an affair with a married woman when I was stationed at Little Rock. My daughter was born in March 2000 and named Ricky Ladonna after the mothers husbands family. Later she renamed daughter to Mekayla. She spent the first few years being raised by the husbands family until they found out she was not their grandchild or blood relative. Then by other relatives in New York and then California. Spent time with her briefly when she was about to start kindergarten but now she is 15 years old. I have not seen her since. Her mother divorced once the husband had a dna paternity test done and she remarried and had additional children from what I heard. Daughter lived in New York, California and then Texas.
I imagine I will hear from her when she turns 18. I do not know If she knows her name was once Ricky Ladonna. I do not know what name her mother has changed her name to now or what last name. Mother is named Joanna. She is black and Mexican and I am black. The husband was also black. Joanna would be about 40 years old now.
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  1. Sammie

    Dylan Edward Ross And her already divorced she was only married to him for about two years and immediately married another man but her new name is:
    Mekayla Samara Tate
    Mekayka Samara Galdamez
    Mekayla Galdamez

    Joanna and her second husband are also now divorced. Mékayla’s stepdad.

    Mekayla is divorced from her first husband and is now married to her second husband and goes by the name of Mekayla Galdamez


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