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My name is Clarence Tate. I’m from Spokane, Washington but I live in Scottsdale, Arizona. My birthday is 3/15/77. I was in the Air Force. I am looking for my daughter who was born under the name of Ricky Ladonna Windham. It may have been spelled Rikki or Ricki. She was born in Los Angeles area California. Her name was later possibly changed to Mekayla. She moved from Los Angeles to Texas near Fort Hood. Her name may have been changed to Mekayla Spring or she may still use the name Ricky. I did not know she was my daughter until a paternity test was done several years later after her birth because her mother lied to everyone. Her mother was married to a Rick Windham and during this time Mekayla’s mom and I had a sexual relationship in Little Rock, Arkansas. Rick Windham was playing football in college in Kansas. Joanna needed up pregnant and insisted the father was her husband but no one knew because she had slept with several men including myself. Her mothers name is Joanna Carla Potillo also known as Joanna Windham and also known as Joanna Potillo Spring. She later married a man named Derick Spring who was in the Army. Mekayla and her mother stayed with me briefly years ago in Walla Walla, Washington after her failed marriage. I have not seen her since. I have paid court ordered child support for years and back/retro support for her moms welfare fraud and paternity fraud but I no longer know their address or phone number. Mekayla lived the first few years of her life with a Rick and Lynda Windham (her moms in-laws in California) until they discovered Joanna was lying about the paternity of her daughter then they lived with her moms moms boyfriends and her grandmother in California. There were a few different men but the grandmother is named Maura. Joanna has two sisters named Brenda and Sandra (Sandy).
My email address is:
I am looking for Mekayla also goes by birth name of Ricky LaDonna Windham. Named after her moms first husband Rick and Ladonna is her moms first husbands sisters name. Lancaster and rosamond California area.
Last known address was in Copperas Cove, Texas. Family moved from California to Texas and then not sure where to.

Clarence Tate
Spokane, Washington
Mekayla Tate
Mekayla Spring
Ricky Ladonna Windham


  1. crypowl

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  2. Nelie

    Mekayla Tate.

    Maybe you are not looking for her under her married last name as she is on her second marriage now. She is now 22 years old
    She was married to Dylan Ross.

    She divorced him in November 2020 and married another man in April 2021 named Fernando Ademir Galdamez Jr.
    Now she is known by Mekayla Galdamez.

  3. Sammie

    Joanna and her second husband are also already divorced (Mekayla’s stepdad) but Mekayka is now married to her second husband and is named Mekayka Galdamez.

  4. Sammie

    Dylan Edward Ross And her already divorced she was only married to him for about two years and immediately married another man but her new name is:
    Mekayla Samara Tate
    Mekayka Samara Galdamez
    Mekayla Galdamez


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