James Hamid Tahbaz looking for daughter


i am looking for my daughter that I didn’t even know i had until recently I found out about it. In 1982 her mother was pregnant with my child ( her name I found out through Butte County Birth Records in Chico California is Lisa Marie Carol Ames or Juris( the adopted name ; maybe her mother put her up for adoption through Local Mormen Church in Chico, Ca. ). Make the story short her mother never told me that she is pregnant with my child( her ), and a month later her mother by the name of Louise Ann Ames got married to this African American guy by the name of Anthony Seagraves, again without telling him that she is pregnant with my child. After the baby was born in 1983, her then husband; Anthony Seagraves becomes doubtful about the child who was all white and i guess ran a DNA test, and finds out that my child is not his as Louise Ann Ames was pretending it to be initially. Of course this event did not occur immediately, but through the course of at least a year, and by then he already had another daughter with the mother of my child by the name of Katrina Seagraves. There are lot more details that i can elaborate more on, which I would leave for later on when I finally get to see my i can tell it all in person to her, and how her mother denied both of us from having and being with each other throughout all these years. I found her mother on facebook sent her a message asking her to provide me with my daughter’s information including her address, phone numbers, even her pictures, but to No Avail. This woman truly betrayed both me and my daughter lisa marie and denied me of having my child for all these 33 years. What would you do if you were me. May God utterly punish people like that in this world and hereafter, and I leave everything up to Him. Oh by the way i sent a message to Anthony Seagraves as well but so far to No Avail ! Could anybody help me on this trying to locate my daughter. These are the 2 different last names I have on her as follow; 1.) Lisa Marie Carol Ames( her mother maiden name; Louise Ann Ames ) OR
2.) Lisa Marie Carol Juris ( possible last name of the family who adopted her )
My email address: hxt2001@yahoo.com


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