Clarence Tate looking for daughter


I am looking for Mekayla Tate who married Dylan Ross in Texas in 2018. She is 18 years old. Her birth name is Ricky Ladonna Windham. She turned 18 in March 2018. She was originally named after the man that her mother was married to named Ricky Windham. Her name was later changed to Mekayla Tate.

My daughter Mekayla Tate was born with the name Ricky Ladonna Windham. Rikki or Ricki LaDonna Windham. She was born in California to Joanna Carla Potillo also known as Joanna Windham and Joanna Spring. Mekayla moved to Copperas Cove, Texas and to Crowley, Texas and to College Station area for school at Texas A&M. She married Dylan Ross in 2018 from Copperas Cove. She attended school in Copperas Cove until 2017 and afterwards at Bill R Johnson CTE center in Crowley, Texas. She turned 18 in March 2018.
Her mother was married to Ricky Windham when she got pregnant by me in Arkansas. Ricky and her moved back to California and had Mekayla who they called Ricky Ladonna Windham. Later Her name was changed to Mekayla Tate legally.
I paid child support all these years.
Now that she is 18 she can reach out to me and I can tell her the real truth.

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  1. Sammie

    She got divorced from Dylan Edward Ross from Copperas Cove, Texas area
    After being married for about two years if that and immediately married another guy already but her new name is now:

    Mekayka Tate
    Mekayla Galdamez

    Mekayla Samara Galdamez
    Mekayla Samara Tate


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